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I have been feeling so much lately and being very sensitive and emotional. Having those moments where my soul is screaming for my attention. I needed more personal time and do a lot of internal work to truly listen to my intuition.

It’s time to re-connect, re-realize, and follow my passions. Decide that i want it more than I am afraid of it. Realize that the pain of not doing is much bigger than the pain of hard work. Because at the end of the day, if I don’t follow my heart, it starts eating my soul from deep within.

Couple things I would like to share about myself:

I have soccmephobia. Yes, I am fear of social media. Yes, I’m on social media, but if you know me, you know that I don’t really share much (on social media platforms, I have no problem with sharing if you know me in person). I’m afriad of sharing too much of my personal life and thoughts. I’m afraid of writing. I love face to face interactions and connections, but I know that writing will help improve my thinking and analyzing. I want to work on that, starting with this post. Hoping to be able to understand my fears, overcome it and express myself more, with writing.

I love love love learning and trying out new things, but being comfortable and lazy are not helping me at all. One big reason why my heart is crying because I want to do more, a lot more. At the end of this lifetime, we seldom regret the things we’ve tried and done, but those we did NOT. What would be something that you would regret not doing or trying if you were to die right now? Okay. Now you just died. Go live. LIVE. It’s never too late. Now is the perfect time. No more excuses.

I am going to do more of what makes me happy, what makes my soul blossom, what makes me keep learning and improving to be a better version of myself. Will share more next time.

No talk. Just action.

Love you all.