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Soul Happy Project – Acro Dance

As I said I am going to do more of what makes me happy, what makes my soul blossom, what makes me keep learning and improving to be a better version of myself, here’s the first blog post about my new Soul Happy Project.

I have been taking massive actions the past two weeks trying to do everything that makes me feel so(ul) happy, and I have to say it’s working!

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Start Living

I have been feeling so much lately and being very sensitive and emotional. Having those moments where my soul is screaming for my attention. I needed more personal time and do a lot of internal work to truly listen to my intuition.

It’s time to re-connect, re-realize, and follow my passions. Decide that i want it more than I am afraid of it. Realize that the pain of not doing is much bigger than the pain of hard work. Because at the end of the day, if I don’t follow my heart, it starts eating my soul from deep within.

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Moving and Decluttering

Crazy weeks of packing, unpacking, moving, and more packing, unpacking, moving. Some sleepless nights and aching body, trying to embrace this transition period. My body and mind are all over the place, but thankfully my practice grounds me every time. It feels SO good to just stay still and breathe.... read more

Slow Down

Take time during the rush of the holidays, let us slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Wishing you a merry christmas my beautiful friends.

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