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Once you change your vibrational frequency, everything aligns to that same frequency.

As I said I am going to do more of what makes me happy, what makes my soul blossom, what makes me keep learning and improving to be a better version of myself, here’s my mini lifelong Soul Happy Project. 

I have been taking massive actions the past two weeks trying to do everything that makes me feel so(ul) happy, and I have to say it’s working! My low vibrating depressive frequency just went away once I started recognizing the feelings I have and started taking actions (so if you know that you are not happy, do something about it!)

I have always been fascinated by body control, movements, and the ability to express yourself with your body freely.

Still remember the good old days where the dance studio is my second home, dancing for 6-7 hours a day every. single. day. Totally obsessed. Totally blissed out.

So after not dancing for 6 years, I am back. 

My first ever Acro Dance experience with Antony by Aerial Arts Academy at Natalia Dance Studio for two weekends!






























Oh maaaaaaaan I can’t even express my feelings with words. I just can’t. I am just so happy to be dancing again. Even after not dancing for 6 years, I feel like I’ve improved so much, the way I connect and move my body (big thanks to my yoga practice) and my heart is free. So freaking happy.

I need to dance more, or I should say I can’t stop dancing already!

After two crazy fun Sundays, here’s Antony’s choreography Worth It by The Weekend:



Ahhh… Feeling a little empty this Sunday :(

Until next time!



Time to look for Contact Improv in Hong Kong that I have always always wanted to try!

Just in case you missed my previous blog post, I will share this again:

At the end of this lifetime, we seldom regret the things we’ve tried and done, but those we did NOT. What would be something that you would regret not doing or trying if you were to die right now? Okay. Now you just died. Go live. LIVE. It’s never too late. Now is the perfect time. No more excuses.

Love you all.